Behind the Scenes: Amazon and Apple's Secret Deal Revealed - The E-Commerce Chess Game!

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Amazon's Treatment of Apple Products

Amazon's treatment of Apple's product pages suggests a potential deal between the two tech giants

FTC Antitrust Complaint

The Federal Trade Commission accused Amazon of deliberately increasing irrelevant ads, affecting search quality, in an antitrust complaint in September

Insider's report highlights that Apple's product pages, like "iPhone" and "iPad," are notably free of irrelevant ads and recommendations, unlike competitor brands

Apple's Unique Product Pages

Apple's Request to Amazon

In 2018, Apple reportedly requested Amazon to keep its product pages free of ads, emphasizing the avoidance of promoting competing brands on search or detail pages.

Restrictions on Ad Purchases

Other companies cannot buy ads for "specific Apple-related brand queries" on Amazon, as per Apple's admission, although they can for keywords containing the Apple name.

Unclear Financial Transaction

Uncertain if money changed hands, House email hints at potential Amazon-Apple deal. Amazon hesitates to tweak its search algorithm without compensation.

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