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14 MAY, 2023

The cyclone hit at around 4 a.m. as the vast majority were in their homes sleeping in the unincorporated local area of Laguna Levels, 

Twister hits south Texas, harming many homes

A Texas lady was killed by her beau in the wake of getting an early termination, police say

A man lethally shot his sweetheart in Dallas on Wednesday since he was disturbed 

Bunch consents to purchase Washington Officers from Snyder family for record $6 billion

A gathering drove by Josh Harris that incorporates Sorcery Johnson has consented to purchase the NFL's Washington

A Tennessee organization is declining a U.S. solicitation to review 67 million air sack inflators

Daniel Penny is accused of second-degree homicide in the demise of Jordan Neely

Daniel Penny, the 24-year-elderly person who put Jordan Neely in a deadly strangle hold on the New York City 

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14 May, 2023

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