Top 07 Facts as to Bayern Munich secures their eleventh consecutive Bundesliga title
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Falls Short

Dortmund falls short of ending Bayern Munich's decade-long grip on the Bundesliga title


Dortmund trails 2-0 against Mainz within the first 24 minutes, shattering their title hopes

Despite a late equalizer in the Cologne vs. Bayern match, Dortmund's dreams are crushed by Jamal Musiala's 89th-minute winner.

Misses Opportunity

Dortmund misses the opportunity to secure the title with a victory against Mainz.

Dortmund's preparations and anticipation for becoming champions come crashing down.

Reasons of Defeat

Crucial moments, missed opportunities, and near-misses haunt Dortmund's defeat.

The unpredictable nature of football showcases the agony and frustration of the match.

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