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States That Are Best for Digital Nomads

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While not every place is ideal for working from home, these ten states in particular are ideal for people who must travel for work.

According to the Digital Nomad Index ranking by vacation rental search company Bluepillow, ten states provide benefits to digital nomads, or people who earn a living while traveling, that enhance their work lives outside from an office setting.

Three years after the COVID-19 pandemic struck the United States, digital nomads have continued to gain popularity thanks to many employers’ accommodating work-from-home policies.

“The pandemic expedited the transition to this type of lifestyle and remote working,” digital nomad and PropertyLeads owner Andy Kolodgie told Newsweek. “People have got to learn that they can enjoy flexibility and balance between their job and personal life, as well as do other things while at it.”

However, ten states topped the list of places to call home when working remotely, according to the Digital Nomad Index assessment of vacation rental search engine Bluepillow.

The index examined a number of variables, including quality-of-life indicators such as the typical daily temperature, the typical amount of food and drink consumed off-premises, and the typical amount of fuel used.

Massachusetts held the top spot for digital nomads. Massachusetts has a high infrastructure score of 64.7 out of 100, making it a great place for remote workers to work. 113 computer repair companies, 176 co-working spaces, and over 12,000 free WiFi connections were among them.

“Those looking for the ideal place to live and work remotely can find useful insights from the Digital Nomad Index,” a Bluepillow representative stated. “Massachusetts’s top ranking is evidence of the state’s outstanding possibilities, infrastructure, and standard of living for digital nomads. This state is a singular and very alluring travel destination since it blends urban conveniences with scenic natural beauty.”

Jersey City
With 63.89 points, residents of the Garden State ranked second among digital nomads. There were 161 co-working spaces for remote workers and 192 computer repair companies in New Jersey. Its violent crime rate of 206.7 per 100,000 population makes it one of the safest states on the list.

New England
With 7,264 free WiFi hotspots and 67 co-working spaces accessible to remote workers, Connecticut ranked third with 61.97 points.

Maryland made a strong impression as well, coming in fourth place with 61.71 points, home to 7,364 free WiFi hotspots and 129 co-working spaces. Additionally, there are 454.4 violent crimes for every 100,000 residents.

New York
With 393 computer repair companies and 477 co-working spaces, New York, which came in fifth place with 61.66 points, was also a good destination for digital nomads to set up shop.

Colorado (61.24), Utah (61.09), Virginia (60.25), Rhode Island (57.68), and Florida (57.4) rounded out the top 10.

Mississippi (30.84) came in last on the list, followed by Wyoming (33.86), Arkansas (35.11), and New Mexico (35.61).

Because of their sizable tech communities and plenty of services, states like Massachusetts and Maryland rank well on the list, which doesn’t surprise digital nomad and Eggless Cooking entrepreneur Madhuram Prabhakar.

“Good connectivity, safety, a supportive community and access to good health and wellness resources are primary considerations when choosing a place,” Prabhakar said to Newsweek. “I think states like Utah and Colorado stood out in the list because they also offer a great work-life balance with access to outdoor activities.”

Florida was rated as the greatest location to stay by another digital nomad and remote worker.

“For people like me, Florida is the best state,” said Gene Caballero, a co-founder of GreenPal, a platform for lawn care, to Newsweek. “A major benefit is its year-round bright weather, which makes outdoor work-life integration possible. Working with the sun as a buddy never feels like a job.”

Kolodgie advised looking for a supportive atmosphere, whatever that means to you, no matter where you decide to live as a digital nomad.

“Such people thrive when they get to connect with like-minded individuals,” Kolodgie stated. “The feeling of belonging while on the move is something even money doesn’t buy.”

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