Now, the Apple Vision Pro can record spatial video with the iPhone 15 Pro

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A new iOS 17.2 beta version that was released today allows users to configure their video capture device to record spatial footage for use with Apple Vision Pro. After iOS 17.2 is released from beta, the feature will eventually be accessible to all owners of the iPhone 15 Pro.

When Apple demonstrated how the video perspective changes as the spectator moves, producing a type of visual stereo effect, spatial video astounded attendees at WWDC 2023 in June. With an iPhone 15 Pro, you might film a spatial movie of a family vacation. With Apple Vision Pro, you could watch the video months or years later and feel as though you were there when it was taken.

The iPhone 15 Pro can record spatial video by enabling users to visit the Settings app, pick Camera, and toggle on the Spatial Video for Apple Vision Pro feature. When the camera is set to video, the next time the Camera app starts, a “Spatial” option will show up.

The most recent iOS 17.2 beta update’s Settings app states that the iPhone 15 Pro records spatial video at 30 frames per second with a 1080p resolution; one minute of spatial video requires roughly 130MB of storage.

With six degrees of freedom (6DoF), a technology that records and allows for 360-degree viewing, spatial video produces an immersive experience that resembles how people move in the actual world. This involves rotation along each of the three-dimensional axes—the vertical, lateral, and longitudinal axes—as well as their capture.

Users of VR technology can explore a virtual area more naturally and realistically when using video with 6DoF.

Even though it all sounds very appealing, iPhone 15 Pro owners won’t be able to fully appreciate any spatial footage that is taken for a while since the Apple Vision Pro headset isn’t expected to be available until early 2024.

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