Can Chatbot give good instructions and preachings, such an incident has come to light in the church of Nuremberg Church place in Germany…..

The service was created with the help of an artificial intelligence (AI) system called ChatGPT, which generates content for sermons, prayers and music.
The service was performed by an AI-generated avatar displayed on a screen above the start altar, and received a great deal of interest and attendance from the public who were present.

Theologian and philosopher Jonas Simmerlin joined hands with ChatGPT to develop this service. He signaled to AI to create a church service for the conference and requested it to include hymns, prayers and blessings.

Simmerlein expressed surprise at the success of the experiment, as the AI ​​system generated about 98% of the content by itself.

During the service, the AI-generated avatar preached about leaving the past behind, focusing on present challenges, overcoming the fear of death, and keeping faith in Jesus Christ.

The avatar’s lack of emotion and monotone delivery at times garnered mixed reactions from attendees.Some found it a bit alienating and felt it lacked heart and soul, while others, particularly the younger participants, were more receptive.

Attendees had mixed opinions about the use of AI regarding religion. Some saw opportunities to leverage AI to make religious services more accessible and inclusive for believers who cannot attend in person.However, concerns were expressed about the potential for AI to deceive or manipulate individuals and the importance of representing diverse Christian beliefs.

Simmerlin made it clear that the purpose of using AI in this context is not to replace religious leaders but to assist in their work. He suggested that AI could provide inspiration for sermon ideas or help pastors save time in sermon preparation, allowing them to focus on other aspects of their role.

While the experimental service demonstrated the potential benefits of AI in religious settings, it also highlighted its limits.The AI ​​system was found to lack the ability to interact with and respond to the congregation’s reactions and feelings, just as a human pastor would.

Simmerlein emphasized that AI should have the same personal knowledge and connection to the congregation. not what is found with a clergyman

To summarize the above, it can be said that the AI ​​church service described in the article is an experimental event that aimed to explore the use of AI in religious contexts. This generated significant interest, but also raised questions and concerns about the role of AI in religion and the importance of human interactions in spiritual matters.

Can Chatbot give good instructions and preachings, such an incident has come to light in the church of Nuremberg Church place in Germany…..

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